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little bee tongue and antennae and fuzzy legs and cutie eyes!


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I will however try to protect people who could use it.  But that does mean it can’t be “at any cost” because you need to be able to weigh and understand problems with the kind of protection that you are giving.  Especially when they themselves are saying “no, that cost is too high”.


I don’t want anybody to ~protect~ me without asking first!

Maybe that meme means something else, but if so, I’m very unclear what. And I’ve had enough undesired protection for a lifetime.

Yeah, that’s why I don’t re-blog those “Protect all (inset kind of people here) at any cost!” posts.  Because I’ve known what “protection at any cost” means.  And some costs are too great and sometimes it’s better *not* to protect.

Not when the cost is freedom.  Not when the cost is never being alone, always “watched over”.  Not when the cost being “protected” from finding out what you’re limits actually *are* even when you say you want to.  Not when the cost of protection is growth.

And the people in these posts are usually the kind of people who already *know* that kind of condescending protection too well.  Even if they are also the people who need way more care and love from society at large than they’ve been getting.

Reply to neurodiversitysci about the posts about language communication misunderstandings and stuff.


Okay, so I’m writing this as a new post because it is somehow too difficult for me to do it any other way.  Here is the post I am replying to:

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Yay for tumblr! istillgotnothing informs me that the original photo is by Jessica Florence -


Yay for tumblr! istillgotnothing informs me that the original photo is by
Jessica Florence -

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Gonna go curl up and read, I think.  And say “hi” to the ratses for as long as they want to be around me.

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Aww… The rats have been very cuddly and chittery tonight.   As soon as I came home they were up in my arms.  ^_^

I have a cold right now, and they’ve also been grooming me a lot more than usual.  I know they can smell it. They pretty much spent the entire time in the garden on me and getting petted and grooming me.  Especially Mallow (who usually makes sure to check people’s breath every time she sees someone).  She walked right up to my nose and spent some time sniffing it.  And then tracked down *something* on my face and hands and gave me a good grooming.

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question for y'all: driving



Anonymous said to :

I want some information about people with autism and driving. Google helps me with NOTHING about info from actual autistic people, of whatever age and driving level, on their experiences. -.- as usual
realsocialskills said:
I don’t…

I haven’t driven in a long time, but I can, I was good at it, and I enjoyed it.

The best I can probably say is to start slow, and get a lot of practice in relatively easy/safe areas—parking lots, long straight country roads, low speed limit neighborhoods, places like that.  

You can’t learn to drive by trial and error, no, but you can build up your comfort with it very, very gradually.  You probably need a teacher who is non-judgmental and above all, calm.  The kinds of perception and judgment you need will likely gradually improve with practice…like they do for any new activity.

I seriously doubted that I had the kinds of coordination necessary to drive, but you learn the rhythm of it.  There’s a mental “zone” to it.

Yeah, I *can* drive safely (it takes a lot of spoons and is tiring so I usually avoid it - busses are very nice).  Not all autistic people can drive. And that’s also ok. But if you want to try - that’s great!

What helped me was starting out in very slow, quiet, areas where there was little traffic and a low speed limit.  Some places like that are rural neighborhoods, quiet neighborhoods, and big parking lots after hours.  And I worked up slowly from there.  First just learning how to stop at stop signs and turn.  Being slow about it meant I got my license later than normal, but it can be worth it.

A lot of it depends on what traits you have, how your perception is, etc.  One thing that can be nice about driving is that there are only a very limited set of motions you have to do.  Steering with your hands, and starting/stopping with your feet. So that might actually make it *easier* than walking in some ways.

A big problem for me is I don’t have any innate sense of distance or time so I had to build up a sense of where things were based on angles.  Starting slow helped with that.

Also, a lot of people say “don’t *ever* listen to music when learning to drive - it’s a distraction.” But music with a good, strong beat can give you a sense of time and make things easier.  It’s pretty much the only way I can drive safely.  So experiment wit music.  On/off… Different volumes… different kinds of music…

Best wishes!

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honeydrawn I already answered that meme Here :)

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I jus got my hands on a big, juicy, leftover ham bone. So I’m making a huge pot of bean soup this morning!  Using dried lima beans - which are soooo good and are 1000x better than the canned kind.  Also mushrooms and mild hatch chiles.

Dried beans are kind of the *opposite* of low spoons food (unless you have a crock pot).  But I don’t have a lot to do today and this is worth it.

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