A bottle-fed Siamese.

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i want to be here


i want to be here



i love catfish so much because they act like theyre fbi agents or something when theyre really just using reverse google image search

i thought you meant the animal and let me tell you that was a wild minute of me trying to figure out the psychology of fish thinking they’re federal law enforcement


I also originally thought of the fish, and it made me grin because that is so weird but accurate.  The way they always hang out at the bottom of the river and try and be all *sneaky*…

And then I got to “Google image search” and was like… WTF?!?

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also a really good a.s. byatt fairy tale that you can read online! is a stone woman (much body horror therein)

Oh wow!  This is a really good folk tale!

(But seriously, Body Horror warning!  But it’s the kind of Beautiful/Love-filled body horror you get in Clive Barker or Nina Kiriki Hoffman. <3)

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Water on Mars by DustinLeFevre1


Water on Mars by DustinLeFevre1

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Today I learned that the Curiosity sang itself ‘Happy Birthday’ on its year anniversary of being on Mars.

All alone.

Hundreds of thousands of miles from anyone or anything.

Guys I am depressed over robots now.

oh god this is the saddest thing i have ever read

Guys, shhh. No, this isn’t sad.

Curiosity isn’t hundreds of thousands of miles from anyone or anything. Curiosity has Spirit, Opportunity, Mars 3, Sojourner, Viking 1, and Viking 2 to keep him company on the red planet.

Opportunity is still exploring; Spirit, while still functional, is stuck in a crater, so cannot move around very much. The rest of them are quiet, asleep; old and beautiful and dignified in their silence

Curiosity sang Happy Birthday to himself and he had Spirit and Opportunity with him—and he had an entire planet down below to celebrate his life, his achievements, his brilliance

Curiosity sang Happy Birthday to celebrate an entire year of doing what he was designed to do; an entire year of exploring a planet on which he was not born, an entire year of roving and collecting information

an entire year of Mars becoming his home to share with his precursors, several of which are miraculously still doing their jobs (Opportunity was only expected to last 90 days; he’s lasted TEN YEARS)

it was a song of absolute euphoric joy, not one of loneliness

Curiosity is the exact opposite of lonely; he has hundreds of thousands of people down below who adore him, family at ground control to communicate with him constantly; and plenty of kin on the red planet’s surface to keep him company.

This is the exact opposite of sad.

We didn’t abandon the Mars robots.  We sent them home.

On the Mars Rovers - every sensor on them was made to detect something on Mars.  Every facet of their design was meant to help them survive on Mars.

So Curiosity sang “Happy Birthday” with the whole of Mars for company.  With the Red Planet streaming in through it’s optics.  In the exact place that it was meant to be.

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The Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), a treaty modeled after the ADA, would help change that. It would establish a framework for creating legislation and policies in other countries. And it would protect the rights and dignity of all people with disabilities, giving them greater opportunity to work, travel, and lead full and productive lives.

Opening Doors to People With Disabilities Worldwide

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations just approved the CRPD this morning by a vote of 12-6. Now it goes on to the full Senate for a vote, where it is expected to be voted down by Republicans. If you live in the US, tell your Senators to vote for it!

(via disabilityhistory)

If you’re new to the “Disability Treaty” (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD) you can learn more about what that is with the handout at http://bit.ly/CRPD1Pager.

People can find tools to help them call Senators at http://disabilitytreaty.org! It provides you with phone numbers and even a script to guide you through each call. Each call is counted even if you’ve already called them before.  Senators do count calls more heavily than emails, so if you feel comfortable making calls please do!  You can even call after business hours and leave messages in voice mail—these calls are counted also!  But if you really prefer sending emails, then you will find template emails at the link also.

You do NOT need to be legal voting age to call or email Senators.  Senators in fact often LIKE hearing from underage constituents because they don’t often hear from young people.  Also, they know that you will be able to vote within what is, from their perspective, only a few years. (A Senator’s tenure is six years long—depending on how old you are and how long it will be before the Senator is up for re-election, you might actually be voting age the next time they need to run! Or if not, then you’ll probably be able to vote the time after that.)

And then because it uses “approved SJ language (TM)” it ends up getting picked up by a bunch of very nice, earnest, new people.  Who really just want to help make things more just.  and it hurts them and also hurts other people around them if they spread this idea.


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Basically it seems like a whole lot of the old, ugly “Let’s go on a witch hunt to weed out the Fakers” brand of ableism has grabbed the word “Appropriation” and is now using it to make itself sound more about justice instead of the meanness that it is.

But that doesn’t mean that appropriation isn’t a real, serious thing in other contexts.

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